The CLAT, Common Law Admission Test will be conducted by the Consortium of National Law Universities (NLUs) on June 13, 2021, through online mode. There’s not much time left, so the candidates must understand the dos and don’ts for the exam. Some dos and don’ts for CLAT 2021.

You might be very close to winning until you make a big mistake. So, you must be aware of your mistakes while preparing for the exam. No matter if you’re preparing by self-study or with coaching, you should have a strong plan for preparation to avoid mistakes. 

Dos for CLAT 2021

Understand the Paper

  • Be fully aware of the syllabus and the pattern for CLAT. If not aware of the syllabus, then it would be difficult to start your preparation and walk on a straight path. 
  • Know the weightage of all the topics in the syllabus.
  • For example, in Current Affairs and Comprehensive English, 40 Questions of 40 Marks are asked, in Logical Reasoning and Legal Reasoning, 50 Questions of 50 Marks, whereas in Quantitative Techniques, 20 Questions of 20 Marks are asked in the exam.
  • So, according to this, you should invest more time in Legal and Logical Reasoning and relatively lesser time to Mathematics section. But, make sure to clear the basics.

Practice Previous Year Paper

  • Practising previous years papers will help the candidates to have an overview of the exam pattern and understand the level of the questions asked.
  • CLAT might repeat previous years questions, so it is always better to be on the safe side. 
  • Previous papers will give you a clear view about the difficulty level of the questions.

Make a Proper Study Plan 

  • Before you start preparing, make a schedule. 
  • Most of the students prepare for CLAT with the 12th Board exams, so they need to distribute equal time to both the preparation. It will be a great idea to work according to a plan. 
  • Allocate proper time to all the sections and devote sufficient amount of time to all the sections. 

Analyze Mock Test

  • Try to take as many mock tests as possible every day. It will boost your confidence and help you prepare better.
  • It will bring out your weaknesses and the parts that need extra effort.
  • Do not repeat the mistakes you made in the CLAT mock tests.
  • To succeed, you need to analyze your mock tests and work on your mistakes.
  • Constantly look for the areas of improvement and how much time you need for the improvement.
  • Solving mock tests will also make you learn how to manage your time efficiently during the exam.

Don’ts for CLAT 2021

Do Not Stress Too Much

  • Aspirants tend to overthink and stress a lot about the exam. Try to be cool and don’t think about the results too much.
  • Focus on what you’re currently studying rather than thinking about your pending tasks.
  • Sleep at least for 7-8 hours during your preparation to wake up fresh.

Don’t Ignore Your Weak Areas

  • Students often tend to ignore their weak areas and end up spoiling the results. Suppose if a student is good at English and Maths, he should devote less time to these subjects and if he is bad at General Knowledge, he should give more time to it and study religiously.
  • You must be in a position to know your strengths and weaknesses, so you can focus more on your weaknesses.

Do Not Do The Guesswork

  • Always remember that you have a 0.25 negative marking in your paper for every wrong answer.
  • And guessing might result in losing your precious marks.
  • If you’re not sure, do not attempt the question to be on the safe side.

Do Not Skip Your Timetable

  • Students make a timetable but find it difficult to adhere to it.
  • So make plans that are according to your comfort and easy to follow.
  • Consistency and discipline are the keys to success.

Be Positive and rock your exam!