Current Affairs is a very important segment in the CLAT examination. The candidates who are looking forward to sitting in this exam must be aware of the current happenings in the world to ace this section. This section is very scoring and can help in increasing the overall score of the candidate. The Current Affairs section of CLAT carries 25% weightage with around 35-39 questions in the question paper. This section is quickest to solve and takes anywhere between 8-12 minutes for average aspirants. The paper has around 32-35 Current Affairs questions based on comprehensions. Each passage has around five questions. The passages can be from Economics, Politics, Law, or Social issues.

Following certain strategies and plans can help the candidates in performing well in the Current Affairs section and can prove quite beneficial for the students. Here are some preparation tips which can help you ace the CLAT 2024 examination.

Discipline is the Key

The most significant factor while preparing for the current affairs section is discipline. You can not study for a week, then take a break for a week or so and then get back at preparations. Current Affairs is a very dynamic topic and needs regular attention. The CLAT syllabus is already very vast, and you cannot afford to pile up things. Keep a slow and steady pace to help you cover the topics easily. Allotting a few hours every day to the current affairs sections can prove to be very beneficial to the candidates.

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Make a Plan and Follow it

Make a well-thought plan of what you require. Pick out the best resources and the most important topics for CLAT that you need to revise. Your plan should include what needs to be studied, from where does it need to be studied and how much time are you going to devote to it. If you have a premade strategy for everything, you can easily manage to cover all the topics in due time with thorough revision.

Don’t leave Current Affairs for Last

The Current Affairs Section of CLAT is very important. Most candidates make the drastic mistake of leaving the Current Affairs section for last. This causes them to be very confused and remember nothing at all. This also leaves you with insufficient time to cover the huge syllabus of the subject.

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Limit your Resources

Do not overload yourself with endless newspapers, magazines, and online subscriptions for Current Affairs. While preparing for the CA section, one must remember that Quality matters over Quantity. Commit to one physical and one virtual resource. Choose the resources which are comprehensive and reliable so that you don’t overload yourself while still getting everything that is important. 

Daily Reading of Newspaper

Get a subscription for a reliable newspaper such as The Hindu or Times of India and make a habit of reading it every day. While reading the newspaper, special attention to the editorial sections since they are based on the current affairs and polish vocabulary of the candidate. This will not only help you in increasing your general knowledge but also increase your language skills.

Don’t waste Time over Debates & Prime Time News

Most of the news channels today air debates and extensively long news stories rather than headlines. Try to avoid such channels which might waste your time and rather stick to channels like Doordarshan for a crisp and quick news update. 

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Make Proper Notes

Making notes for the current affairs section does not mean that you note down the entire newspaper in your register. You must be very wise in deciding which information makes its way to your notes. Avoid adding irrelevant or lengthy news in your notes. Make short points with important information like Names, Dates, Places, etc. You can also make online notes which can be quickly edited or accessed anywhere you want. 

Constant Revision

You can study as much as you want, but as long as there is no proper revision, you will end up forgetting half of the topics that you have studied, and sometimes even more. Constant revision ensures that everything you have studied is refreshed in your mind, which helps in remembering it for a longer time. 

Refer to a Yearbook

Year Books are great options to prepare for static GK. Almost all the yearbooks consist of the same topics, which signifies their importance. Studying a yearbook is important; not only does it contain the important events of the past year, but it also helps you prepare for static GK and current affairs both from the same book. So, this may help in preparing for the Current Affairs Section of CLAT.