Crack CLAT 2022 in First Attempt

CLAT is one of the most competitive entrance exams conducted in India, and cracking this national-level law entrance exam is the dream of the majority of students. However, it’s a tough row to hoe, so the students who prepare with sheer determination and smart planning are likely to crack CLAT 2022-23 in the first attempt. In this article, we will discuss some CLAT preparation tricks and strategies that will help you to crack CLAT 2022-23 in one go. 

How to Score Maximum Marks in English in First Attempt?

In the CLAT exam, the English Section holds a weightage of 25-28 marks. The questions are designed to test the candidate’s proficiency in English based on comprehension passages, grammar, and vocabulary.

  • Make a habit of reading a newspaper everyday religiously. Read the opinion and editorial sections of newspapers.  
  • Make sure to know the meaning of every new word that you come across and use that word in everyday life.
  • Learn the basics of grammar and apply the rules learnt to various grammar practice exercises.
  • Start practicing Reading Comprehension with small passages followed by lengthy ones.
  • Try to learn some new synonyms and antonyms every day.
  • Practice as many RC passages as you can so you can improve your reading speed. 
  • Work on sentence correction, phrase replacement, spotting the error, para-jumbles to improve your Grammar.

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How to Score Maximum Marks in Legal Aptitude in First Attempt?

The questions in Legal Aptitude section are designed to test the candidate’s problem-solving ability of legal issues.

  • Students should pay special attention to landmark judgments and important cases from the last year. 
  • One should have a thorough understanding of principles based on the law of contract, law of torts, constitutional law, intellectual property law, international law, labor law, intellectual property law, and criminal law. 
  • Prepare well on legal terms, jargon, foreign phrases, and maxims.
  • Read law-related magazines to have more legal perspectives on issues.
  • While reading the passage, know the principle so you can save time.
  • Solve as many CLAT online mock tests and previous year papers to improve on your weak areas. 

How to Score Maximum Marks in General Knowledge in First Attempt?

The GK section holds 25% weightage in the CLAT exam. To get a good score in this section, you must be aware of current affairs on topics such as international news, government & politics, sports, science & technology, etc.

  • Read a good newspaper daily and maintain notes of important events.
  • Learn about the important legal events and issues in the past.
  • Do not cram dates and events because then you might forget. Rather understand why something happened and the idea behind it.
  • Watching an hour of news on a decent news channel to get the updates on daily events of the world is advised.
  • Also, go through the editorial section of the newspaper as it helps build your vocabulary and develop analytical skills.
  • You must refer to magazines, blogs, newspapers, e-newspapers, etc., to be more aware of all the happenings worldwide.
  • Static GK is also a part of this section, so don’t forget to focus on topics related to History, Science, Art & Culture, etc.

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How to Score Maximum Marks in Logical Reasoning in First Attempt?

Logical Reasoning section is one of the most important sections in the CLAT exam, and it tests your ability to think logically. 

  • Clear your basics on topics like calendar, direction, blood relation, syllogism, etc. 
  • Solve CLAT practice test on reasoning to increase your speed and time during the exam.
  • Once you have understood a concept, practice as many questions as possible related to that particular topic.
  • Set a timer every time you solve a mock test and finish all the questions in the prescribed time.
  • It is important for you to learn certain shortcuts. Shortcuts can help you solve questions timely, like making a mind map, a diagram, and so on. 
  • It is essential to analyse your errors so thereafter you can work on your weaknesses and make them your strengths.

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How to Score Maximum Marks in Quantitative Techniques in First Attempt?

  • Candidates should first focus on conceptual clarity on all the topics.
  • The first step to solve a QT question is to interpret and derive numerical information from the passage, graphs, or other representations.
  • This section can only be aced with regular practice of questions. 
  • Memorize squares, cubes, tables, and formulas to save time in the exam. 
  • When it comes to QT, learning shortcuts to solve questions and calculations becomes very important. 
  • Make sure your calculations are accurate so your entire question doesn’t go wrong.
  • Solve CLAT practice tests and previous year’s papers to get an idea of the paper structure and enhance your speed. 

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