CLAT Subjects


General English:

Learn basics; grammar concepts, verbal ability skills and practice quality questions including questions in previous years papers based on above mentioned topics. The first part of the preparation should include reading speed improvement (apply ideas given in Law Prep Modules) and vocabulary building. (Read ‘how to learn new words’ in Law Prep module).

Reading speed could be increased by reading newspapers, good books on various subjects and not only fast reading but one should be able to comprehend what one reads.


Logical Reasoning:

Another very important and crucial section in CLAT from weightage point of view.

This section assesses your ability to think logically. You have to analyze the given situation and then logically answer the questions asked.

Questions on logical reasoning may be of several types and in several forms. These could include a statement on which the candidates are asked to draw correct interference out of the given choices. There could be questions on series of words and figures, arrangement of alphabets, brain teasers or even such questions as only call for drawing logical inferences.

This portion of admission test also needs special and detailed preparations and practice. To do well in this part of the test, the candidates must therefore, practice hard.

This is also the area where Law Prep students have done amazingly well, accurate idea to approach questions based on logical reasoning and lots of practice questions with detailed explanation has helped students a lot. To know more about ‘how to prepare LR section’ you may feel free to get in touch with us.


General Awareness:

As the name suggests, the test of general awareness aims to judge the general knowledge of the candidates which includes basic facts about all aspects of general knowledge like Science, Geography, History, Economics, Polity, etc.

We have also seen an emerging trend in GK questions where examiners ask questions from different areas e.g. international relations (India and world), environmental challenges, Developments in the fields of S&T, communications and space, business and financial markets etc.

Moreover, current affairs, events, controversy, disputes, persons and places in news are equally important.

Aspirants are advised to go through the GK concept learning module and to take test based on static GK portion to complete GK preparation. All the important points have been covered in different GK modules e.g. GK facts, legal GK, static GK etc. one must do it carefully as maximum questions in CLAT were from these modules.


Legal Aptitude:

Relatively, it is a new subject for the aspirants hence required clear understanding and defined approach to solve questions based on legal aptitude. It is also one of the important section as the scores in the section helps decide the ranking in case of a tie.

This section covers questions on applying stated legal principles to factual situations. The broad areas from which the questions can come include law of torts, contract law, criminal law and Constitution of India.

Aspirants are advised to refer Legal Aptitude modules in which concepts are explained in such a manner that the student can easily grasp the main theme. With the help of illustrative examples and ample of exercises it becomes easy for aspirants to understand.

To achieve skill and expertise in a field requires a lot of commitment and dedication. Legal skills once perfected, makes you dead sure of your success in entrance.

Lawprep LA modules will prove to be immense help to the aspirants and they are advised not to do anything else other than these modules as these are more than sufficient to prepare this section.



A candidate seeking admission to Law school is expected to have aptitude for basic and elementary maths as well as the knack of solving the simple arithmetic problems. This is one of the areas in the admission test which, if properly prepared and practiced, is likely to put the candidate ahead of others, as one can hope to score even 100% marks in this part.

More practice is also essential for the candidates to gain confidence in this part of the test. Even if a candidate does not have the basic aptitude for figure-work, he/she can make up for this deficiency by regular practice and a lot of work.