Top 10 Preparation Strategy Tips for Cracking the CLAT Exam

Top 10 Preparation Strategy Tips for Cracking the CLAT Exam

CLAT PREPARATION STRATEGY TIPS Cracking the CLAT exam can be easier if the aspirants’ preparation techniques and study plans are proper. An individual ready to appear for the law entrance exam should be completely mindful of the Dos and Don’ts of CLAT and the CLAT 2023 exam pattern to reinforce the test preparation.

Candidates need to solve several mock tests, last year’s question papers, and test papers for CLAT to strengthen their preparation and get admission to the National Law Universities (NLUs) or other top law schools in India. Aspirants must have a strong preparation strategy to crack the CLAT exam.

Getting a decent score in CLAT turns out to be simple if an individual knows about the top tips for qualifying for the exam. Read further to learn about the ten best CLAT preparation strategy tips for CLAT 2023.

Best CLAT Preparation Tips 

Here are the ten best preparation strategy tips you can use to crack the CLAT exam;

1. Start Preparation Early

Applicants must begin their preparation for CLAT 2023 as soon as possible. It will assist them with covering every single topic of the CLAT syllabus 2023. Starting the preparation early will help the applicants avoid a late-race to finish the syllabus.

2. Understand the Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Applicants must study the detailed exam syllabus and pattern of CLAT 2023 and understand all the test modalities like test length, kind of questions, marking scheme, and others. Being familiar with CLAT 2023 important subjects in the syllabus will increase the possibility of scoring well on exam day.

3. Utilize Every Second

While getting ready for the CLAT exam, ensure that you grasp the worth of every second. Each second is significant on exam day as you need to answer the questions in a reasonable time range. Try not to get diverted and sit around idly during your study hours. Keep a self-timer, concentrate, and practice the art of time management.

4. Create a Strategy Plan

Creating a CLAT study plan is the initial step to beginning the exam preparation. Candidates should chalk out a possible and sensible timetable as designating impossible tasks would just prompt disappointment and demotivation. Figure out the days remaining for the exam, and draft the study plan likewise.

5. Refer to Best Books and Study Material

Aspirants should refer only to books written by reputed authors for their CLAT 2023 preparation. Find the best books for CLAT 2023, as indicated by the CLAT syllabus and test design. Such books can assist the candidates in learning difficult subjects without any problem.

6. Solve Your Doubts

Taking into account the vast syllabus of CLAT, it is obvious that the candidates get confounded in specific subjects or topics. In any case, they must solve those doubts by seeking help from their guides or companions instead of waiting for the same. Effective doubt solving is essential for your CLAT preparation strategy.

7. Practice Sample Papers

Candidates ought to address somewhere around 30-40 previous year CLAT sample papers during their preparation for the national-level law admission test. Practicing such questions will give them insights into questions asked in the exam and their challenges.

8. Take Regular Breaks

Studying continuously is not an optimal method for planning CLAT 2023. Taking breaks helps keep the mind focused and fresh. So, take regular breaks at short intervals. Ensure that you study for 7-8 hours consistently, and yet, additionally guarantee that you give your brain the necessary measure of rest.

9. Cover Every Topic

Even though certain subjects are of higher priority than others, it doesn’t imply that aspirants should leave the less critical topics totally unattended. Nobody knows about the questions that will be asked in the exam. So rather than facing an unexpected challenge, remain prepared and ready for every topic.

10. Create Shortcuts and Techniques

Though preparing hard for the CLAT exam is essential, it is also crucial to work smartly. There are some shortcuts that can help in saving a ton of time. Many difficult questions can be tackled quickly with the assistance of these short strategies and techniques.


So, these are the top tips you can incorporate into your preparation strategy to crack CLAT on the first attempt. With the best preparation strategy, a candidate can easily secure admission to the top law colleges of India.