If you are looking forward to a law career in India, clearing CLAT is the first phase in the process. CLAT is the entrance exam whose merit will decide your entry into the deemed law institutions of the country. The consortium of National Law Universities in India conducts the exam. There are various sections of the examination that assess the candidates on various parameters. Out of these, Legal Aptitude for CLAT is the exam’s most important section. A candidate needs a solid strategy to crack the legal aptitude section of CLAT.

Important Facts to Know About CLAT Legal Aptitude

Before we delve into more details in the Legal Aptitude section, let us have a quick look at the facts a candidate needs to understand.

  • Many students get confused with the name legal aptitude. In reality, this does not involve the core legal knowledge that is needed to solve a case. Instead, general aptitude in the subject of law is needed in this case.
  • There are certain legal reasoning questions where you need to apply the legal approach to solve certain case studies. In these questions, your approach will be tested and not your knowledge regarding legal stuff. 
  • Usually, the legal reasoning questions are in a passage format, where a factual situation is described. The candidates need to analyze the passages from a legal point of view and answer the questions that follow.
  • This is a high-scoring area if you can deal with it correctly. For excellent performance in this section, you only need to have a basic idea of the subject. 
  • Another important skill needed to crack the questions of this section is comprehension capability. Candidates will be presented with passages, and they need to answer the questions. Hence it is important that candidates comprehend the passage to understand its meaning and answer the questions correctly. 

CLAT Legal Aptitude – Important Topics

As the name suggests, this section will evaluate your legal aptitude and skills. Thus, you need to focus on certain important areas to get this section right. Apart from your core 10+2 knowledge, there are certain extended topics that you must prepare to perform well in the Legal Aptitude Section. Let us have a look at these areas:

  • Indian Penal Code
  • Law of Contracts
  • Law of Torts
  • Legal Facts
  • Indian Preamble
  • Fundamental Rights and Duties
  • Directive Principles of state policies
  • Chairperson Names of Various Law Committees
  • Important Amendments, Judgements, and recent significant laws passed
  • Current Affairs of the last 6 months
  • General knowledge (Especially legal information for the past 6 months)

CLAT Legal Aptitude Preparation Tips

Now that you are well-versed in the syllabus and focus areas of the CLAT reasoning section, here are some essential short Legal Aptitude for CLAT tips and hacks for you:

Develop a reading habit.

This is of utmost importance if you really want to perform well. A good reading habit will enhance your vocabulary and improve your reading speed of legal and non-legal texts. You can develop the habit by reading books, magazines, journals, and newspapers. It will also help in gathering information for the GK section.

Solve Sample Papers

Solve regularly as many sample papers as you can. Sample papers of the past years will help explore plenty of question types and determine your weak areas in the CLAT legal aptitude section. Also, opt for mock tests often. If possible, appear for a mock test every fortnight since it will prepare you well for the real exam.

Improve Time Management Skills

Time Management is a crucial area that many students ignore. Right from day one of preparation, emphasize time management skills. Regular practice of the previous year’s test papers is the best way to improve your management of time while answering questions.

Why Do You Need CLAT Coaching?

A CLAT coaching class can make your journey towards acing CLAT smoother and hassle-free. With the support and guidance of proficient faculty members, you shall be able to perform better. The best study materials and expert teaching methods will polish your skills, build your concepts better and, most importantly, expose you to the various types of questions asked in CLAT. Don’t miss out on the real-time hacks and tricks that the coaching classes offer. Moreover, the mock tests will help candidates identify their strengths and weakness and strategize their exams better. Avail of these best CLAT Legal Aptitude Preparation Tips 2023.