Things you must know while Clat Preparation

Law has become one of the most sought professions today in India. Gone are the days when the school students knew only about IIT and NEET exams. Now, they also know about the CLAT exam and the importance of getting admission into National Law Universities (NLUs) and top law colleges in the country. 

If you are someone preparing for the law entrance exam and have enrolled in online CLAT classes, then it is crucial to keep some important things in mind to be able to ace the exam. It is because this is considered one of the most difficult law entrance exams in India. More than three lac students apply for it for a handful of seats in NLUs. 

Having said that, let’s talk about the CLAT-alogue or the list of things to know while preparing for the CLAT exam. 

Exam Pattern

The first thing to know before beginning the preparation is the latest exam pattern. The CLAT exam pattern was changed last year, so it is important to prepare according to the new pattern. Below are the highlights of the new pattern:

  • Mode: Pen and paper-based test
  • Exam duration: 2 hours
  • Total number of questions: 150
  • Negative marking: 0.25 marks deduction for every wrong answer
  • Exam language: English
  • Conducting body: Consortium of NLUs

Well-crafted plan and strategy

Creating a realistic plan and strategy for adequate preparation is essential for success. Ensure that your goals are achievable and are not just for the sake of making them. You need to invest at least ten hours daily to cover the entire syllabus and to be able to beat the competition. 

You should also design your strategy according to the different subjects and topics. For topics that you find difficult, more time can be given as compared to the topics for your interest. 

Revision time

You must ensure that you leave some time before the exam for the sole purpose of revision. If you are starting one year before the exam, then you can keep last month for the revision. The role of revision is to go through quickly and refresh what you have studied. For effective revision, you should make a habit of creating notes during your regular studies. It will save you time and help you revise more topics efficiently. 

Previous year’s question papers

You simply can’t ignore solving the question papers of previous years. To understand exactly what kind of questions are asked in the exam, the previous year papers are a great resource. You will see different types of questions that you can expect in your exam. Moreover, when you solve those questions, you will also understand how much time you need for a particular question. You can also opt for sample papers and other CLAT study material. 

Mock tests

All the CLAT toppers talk about the importance of mock tests to crack the law entrance exam. Without practising mock test series, you can’t expect yourself to become a topper. The role of mock tests is to help you test your level of preparation for the exam, find your weak points and strong points, and work accordingly.

In addition, you get an idea about what to expect in the exam. The mock tests are based on the exam pattern and syllabus of the actual exam. When you solve mock tests, you can understand whether you are taking more time than required, how is your preparation for a specific subject, where do you need to devote more focus, etc. 

Health practices and sleep routines

You might have spent numerous sleepless nights and put in your best efforts to prepare for the CLAT, but what if you fall sick during your exam time? All your hard work and dedication will go in vain. 

This is why you need to take care of your health as well. For this, you must take a regular balanced diet, exercise for at least half an hour every day, and sleep for at least six hours at night. You can take small breaks between your study routine to refresh yourself and ease your body. 

Positive attitude

Positiveness and confidence are vital for you to score more marks. When you practice a lot of mock tests, previous year papers, refer to the best CLAT preparation books, and stick to your plan, you will prepare yourself for confidence. Don’t doubt your efforts and dedication. Don’t get stressed or anxious during exam times. A few weeks before the exam, you can also go for the CLAT crash course for revision and being more confident. 

Wrapping Up:

So, these are a few of the most crucial things every law aspirant must know while doing CLAT preparation. Mock tests, previous year papers, right study material and books, online courses, updated patterns, healthy lifestyles, etc. should never be ignored if you want to crack the Common Law Admission Test. 

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