CLAT 2022

If you’re planning to prepare for CLAT 2022, keep in mind that it is one of the most challenging law exams in the country. Thousands of students compete for around 1300 NLU seats every year, which makes it really tough to crack. CLAT question paper is designed to test the aspirant’s readiness to study law. So to get into your dream college, you need to have a strategy to prepare for the exam. When discussing the plan, one question is frequently asked by the students “what is the best time to prepare for CLAT?”, let’s see what the best answer for this question is.

  • The CLAT syllabus covers topics from the English language, General awareness, Legal reasoning, Logical reasoning, and Quantitative techniques. To get a good score, candidates must do well in all the sections. 
  • If you’re good in all the sections, you can efficiently complete the syllabus in less time, but if you’re weak in any of the sections, say Mathematics, in that case, you’ll need more time to complete the syllabus and start from the basics. However, in either case, we would suggest not taking a chance and start preparing early.
  • Ideally, one should have at least a year to prepare for the CLAT exam. This way candidates will have sufficient time to go through the syllabus multiple times and then concentrate on mocks. 
  • Mocks will help to prepare for better and identify the stronger and weaker areas.
  • Also, mocks give a simulated exam environment that offers the candidates a dry run before the D-day.

Clat 2022 Preparation Strategy

Go through the following points to know the strategies provided by the experts and toppers.

Start Preparation At Earliest

“Start Early, Start Smart.” Students can start preparing for the exam after completing the 11th Grade. This will give them sufficient time to complete the course and move on to take mock tests and practice with the test papers. Early CLAT preparation will also help to understand each subject in-depth by covering most of the topics.

Work With a Plan

For clearing the CLAT 2022 Exam, it is crucial to work with a plan to focus more on the potential areas that can lead to cracking the exam. 

The strategy planning for every candidate differs from one another, so make sure you make your own strategy keeping your goals in mind and not comparing it with your peers. 

Some students might prefer to study late at night and some in the morning, so choose the time that suits you best.

Remember that just making a plan is not enough but sticking through it with discipline will help you crack CLAT 2022. 

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Clarity of Exam Syllabus and Pattern

Candidates preparing for the CLAT should be clear about the CLAT exam strategy and pattern. When aware of the complete syllabus, it becomes easy to stay on the path and know how much they need to study. With the help of the exam pattern, candidates will know about the number of questions asked from each section. It will be helpful for the aspirants, and they can plan their strategy accordingly.

Solve Previous Year Papers and Mock Tests

Solving mock tests and previous year papers is highly recommended by the toppers as it helps to have an idea of the types of questions asked in the exam. Various institutes provide mock test series for the candidates preparing for the exam. It is the best way to practice for the exam as it helps in self-observation. Hence, candidates will get to know their weak areas and work hard to make them stronger.

Know Your Weakness and Strengths

Students get to know about their strengths and weaknesses while practicing. So they can analyze their weak areas and put some extra effort to understand them better.

Understand that your more substantial areas also require effort, so don’t underestimate and continue to practice them as well. 

Time Management

It is essential to focus on time management if you plan to crack this national-level exam, as suggested by the toppers and experts. According to the exam pattern, 200 questions are to be attempted in the time limit of 120 minutes, and it is a task in itself. 

When you start preparing, make sure you’re keeping track over time. While practicing questions, time yourself up and try to complete them within the time period. Also, it is imperative to revise the syllabus regularly and practice many mock tests to win the task of time management in the exam.


We hope that now you have more clarity regarding the preparation approach to the CLAT exam. Following a consistent path for preparation ensures an easy breakthrough in the top universities of the country. 

Wish you all success!