If you have applied for CLAT classes or any other courses to prepare for law university, then you are probably putting in your best efforts to stand out. You may often hear from your teachers and guardians that you must master the law subjects with CLAT study material and other sources. But, have you considered reading some best novels for law students.

Law is tricky, which requires you to put effort into more things along with the textbooks. You can watch law-based web series and read the top novels for law students. To make things easier for you, below is a list of some quality books that will definitely help you to get an edge over other candidates and make a promising career in the law. It is a combination of both fiction and non-fiction novels based on the law. 

  1. Tomorrow’s Lawyers- Richard Susskind

This book by Richard Susskind is about the fundamental transformations in the law world. It throws light on the new things in law and courts, such as virtual courts, online legal firms, outsourcing legal processes, internet-based simulated practices etc. Tomorrow’s Lawyers is one of the best novels for law aspirants to have a look at the future of law. 

  1. Landmarks in the Law- Lord Denning

If you are a law student or taking CLAT online classes, then Landmarks in the Law by Lord Denning will be a precious book for you. It shows a few of the largest events in English law. Written by an influential judge, you will find this novel a path to access more things in the field of law. 

  1. Bleak House by Charles Dickens

Bleak House is the story of a never-ending court case involving a family and money. The case has been running for decades, and the disputes affect the lives and happiness of the involved family. Richard takes on the case in hopes of winning it. The book reveals the corrupt law systems and litigiousness. A wonderful read for law aspirants.

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird- Harper Lee

It is a fiction book related to racism and society in the US. The story is about a lawyer named Atticus Finch who represents several aspects of justice and equality. For those who have opted for CLAT preparation, it is a great source for learning the importance of law and the protection of rights. 

  1. Letters to a Young Lawyer by Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz has written things about the law, life, and opportunities for emerging lawyers to thrive in career and do well. The book is targeted to inspire the young lawyers who often find themselves dissatisfied with career. He has also mentioned things about money, fame, power, and success. 

  1. Winning Arguments- Jay Heinrichs

As the title suggests, this book is about the factual arguments that law aspirants need to come up with in the courts to win a case. Jay Heinrichs has given insights on structuring the ideas and coming up with fair and meaningful arguments with clever techniques to lead the case. This is simply an unskippable book for law students enrolled in CLAT courses. 

  1. Law School Confidential- Robert H. Miller

This is a book written by law students, for other law students like you. This is a book with guidance on creating a productive and pleasant law school experience. Whether you are someone who is planning for law entrance coaching, applying for CLAT, or attending a law school already, the Law School Confidential book by Robert H. Miller is a valuable source for you. 

To write the book, the author formed a panel of recent law graduates to get informative and realistic information about law schools. You will also find strategies to thrive in a law school. 

  1. 10 Judgements That Changed India- Zia Mody

It is a non-fiction book, comprising ten essays related to the most impactful judgements by Indian Supreme Court. These judgements have proven to be life-changing for the common man and the country’s democracy. Along with your CLAT preparation books, you must also read this influential and valuable book. 

  1. The Trial- Franz Kafka

It is a psychological book, bringing the story of a common man who wakes one morning to get arrested for a crime he didn’t do. He is released on bail but needs to visit the court regularly. The things don’t resolve for him, which just adds more to his frustration. It is the trial story of someone who defends him without committing a crime. 

Wrapping Up:

Reading is a beneficial habit for all. For law aspirants, it can prove to be a great source of learning and vision if they read the right books. The law-based books mentioned above should be on your reading list if you are a law student. Have you already read any of these books? Please share your review in the comments.