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Your undergraduate years in law are a great time to land up in the best law firm internships. Internships act as a facilitator to perplexed law students in deciding their career paths. It helps them understand which law field fascinates them the most and identify the type of work they are good at.

What do Law Interns do?

Law interns might have to perform complicated legal tasks under the supervision of a senior lawyer. They can be assigned to draft documents, perform legal research, prepare or organize files. They might have to see if the important documents get filed with the court. They will get a chance to interact with the clients, arrange meetings, or answer calls. When you’re a law intern, you are an important part of the law firm.

Corporate Law Internship

Corporate law is a crucial branch of law as a profession. A corporate law internship helps in a comprehensive understanding of the corporate issues that are of great importance to all the people in the corporate world. The benefits of corporate law internships are multifaceted:

Great professional network:

A corporate internship will help you build a great professional network that will help you in the future. Additionally, maintaining relationships in the law firm is as important as gaining knowledge at the law firm and learning the intricacies of law.

Pre-placement offers:

The interns get to learn a lot about the company and how it functions. If you’re successful in establishing your identity and good work, they might hire you as a full-time employee, which would save a lot of time and energy required for placement.

Practical understanding:

These internships provide practical knowledge for all that you learn in law schools. Also, internships give an insight into the actual corporate work culture and help in brushing your corporate skills.

Best Corporate Internships at a Law Firm in India 


Trilegal was established by the former NLSIU graduates. The three graduates did independent practice for a year and then subsequently got merged and formed a new firm known as ‘Trilegal’. It is now a leading law firm in India.

Stipend – One thing that is common in all companies is that no stipend is given to people who come through contacts. 

Stipend for interns hired through an interview is ₹15,000/- for a month which varies a bit from company to company. 

Main tasks assigned – The main tasks assigned are research work, two-fold, and work based on due diligence. However, you can be allotted varied kinds of work from the plethora of areas the company specializes in.

Work Culture – The work environment is a blend of professionalism and casual fun. The associates are usually friendly, but if you don’t complete your work on time and match a general standard, you’re sure to get bashed. 

Luthra and Luthra Law Offices (L&L)

L&L or Luthra and Luthra is one of the supreme law firms of the country, and they strive every day to be there. The firm also works with several international companies advising them and their clients on various aspects of law. 

Stipend – There is no criteria for stipend. However, even if it is given, preference is given to the NLU students.

Main tasks assigned – Major tasks include drafting and research. However, you can be assigned any tasks, including clerical tasks. They have a wide range of areas they specialize in, and hence you can get to work in diverse areas.

Work Culture – However professional the work environment might be, there is complete accountability of the associates. Interns can approach higher authorities and ask their doubts regarding their work assignments. Also, interns from top law schools show up, and you can maintain healthy relations with them, making it even more of a learning experience. 

Khaitan & Co.

Khaitan & co. was founded in 1911 and is one of the largest and oldest Indian law firms. Blending a rich heritage of over a hundred years with the modern and high-tech practice, the firm offers complete legal solutions to all domestic and international clients. 

Stipend – There is no uniform rule for the stipend, but it generally ranges from ₹5,000/- to ₹8,000/- per month. Again it entirely depends on the kind of work you do at the firm.

Main tasks assigned – There is no specific kind of work allotted as the firm specializes in a plethora of services, and you’ll be assigned a good amount of work. However, you may have a dearth of work depending on your performance. Also, be ready to do some clerical work. 

List of some other best internship companies in India:

  • AZB & Partners
  • Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas
  • Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas
  • S&R Associates
  • J Sagar And Associates (JSA)
  • DSK Legal
  • Lakshmisri (LKS)


When it comes to finding the best internships, speaking to your seniors and teachers in colleges, emailing them, or talking to them is perhaps the best way. 

But securing an internship position is one thing, the real challenge begins after you start working. Be professional, and try to learn about the firm as much as you can. This will not only help you to gain knowledge but experience but also will increase your chances of getting hired even before you graduate from law college. 

So, Best of Luck!

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