We have exclusively prepared a list of the best books for CLAT that will help you with your CLAT exam preparation.

In accordance with the newly revised CLAT syllabus, the question paper of CLAT 2020 is divided into five sections. There will be a total of 150 questions with each question carrying 1 marks each. The clat exam will comprise of  questions based on English, Numerical Ability (Quantitative Techniques), General Knowledge and Current affairs, Logical Reasoning and Legal Aptitude.

It is crucial to maintain a standard source of flowing information from which you will study. Taking guidance with the help of these specific mentioned books will help you to study for CLAT and the other law examinations in a more disciplined manner. The various sections of the exam demands a particular genre of book recommended. 

English Language

  • Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis– Here is where you need to enhance and grow your CLAT vocabulary. Word Power Made Easy will help you to understand the roots of the word and make you memorise news words easily and boost your vocabulary. There are several assignments and exercises which you can practice to understand and evaluate the depth of your knowledge. 
  • High School English Grammar and Composition by Wren & Martin– High School English Grammar and Composition is ideal for practising comprehension and Compositions. It provides ample details about the usage of language in comprehension, compositions and other similar areas. It is a sef practice book with space provided for writing the answers in an organised manner. 
  • 30 Days to a more powerful Vocabulary by Dr. Wilfred Funk & Norman Lewis- This book is particularly helpful for your last moment CLAT preparation. With the guidance of this book you can improve your vocabulary in a span of just one month. Step by step instructions for the correct usage of English language are available which after completing, also has a series of tests for self evaluation. With the help of this book you will learn the correct usage of tenses, verbs, adjectives, prepositions and articles while writing or speaking English language. This standardised book is great for improving vocabulary, language and communication skills in just 30 days, required for competitive exams like CLAT. 
  • Better English by Norman Lewis– This Self help book is for someone who can improve their average English skill without any professional consultation. The book will guide you through the basic principles and rules of English language for better accuracy and efficiency in English. Better English deals with the solutions to the queries that are mostly faced by the average English literate person.

Logical Reasoning

  • Verbal and Non verbal Reasoning by R.S. Agarwal– It is one of the best books for logical reasoning preparation for CLAT examination. It contains a bank of logical questions with a solved and explanatory key answers for a better understanding of the concepts and methods used for solving logical questions. This logical reasoning book enhances the reasoning abilities of the readers and prepares them to face this section in various competitive exams.
  • Analytical Reasoning by M.K.Pandey– The book is especially compiled considering the format and requirements that meet the standards of the various competitive exams. It aims on the idea of establishing the basics around the topic logic and reasoning. The author has divided the book into two segments for the convenience of the readers: Reasoning based on Logic and Reasoning based on Rules. The first segment, Reasoning based on logic consists of topics such as basics of logic, assumptions, evaluating inferences and agitation on arguments etc. while the second segment, Reasoning based on Rules is based on topics of syllogism, analytical decision, input output, coded inequalities and problem solving. The book sheds light on all the skill set and tricks to solve the analytical aspects of logical reasoning of all such competitive exams like CLAT, time effectively and correctly. 

Numerical Ability (Mathematics)

  • Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Agarwal- This book is a best seller among the students preparing for various competitive exams. This book provides topic wise quantitative study material and comprehensive set of mathematical problems which covers the basics and fundamentals of elementary level maths. The book captures the latest examination patterns and has more than 5500 pool of questions from which one can prepare for CLAT. The chapters are systematically introduced with detailed samples complemented by theories and formulas.
  • NCERT class 10th book- CLAT syllabus for mathematics is up to the 10th grade. It covers the fundamentals of elementary maths. Therefore, one needs to brush up the basics and practice the core section with the problems of HCF and LCM, time-speed-distance, profit and loss, upstreams and downstream, simple and compound interests etc.

Legal Aptitude

  • Wiley ExamXpert Legal Awareness & Legal ReasoningThe book has been authored specially for students who wish to streamline their preparation strategy for various competitive exams. The book focuses on intensive key concepts of law by providing examples and illustrations for a better learning retention. 
  • Legal Awareness and legal aptitude by AP Bhardwaj- Legal Aptitude is a primary aspect that is tested among the prospective students who aim to study law. This book introduces briefly to the Indian Constitution, Fundamental Rights and Preamble etc. It also consists of important facts, concepts and intricate legal problems. The book is structured well with the included trends of questions asked in the previous papers. It helps the students to gain an overall insight of the CLAT examination pattern and the syllabus. 

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

  • Manorama Year Book- Does this book need an introduction? Widely known for a competitive book course, Manorama year book is overflowed with information and a must buy for aspirants preparing for competitive exams. It contains facts, description and information about events across the country and the globe. This book covers a wide range of topics like- Science, India and International affairs, Environment, Sports, Entertainment and Economy. It also comes with a free CD of Britannica Encyclopaedia. Also it has a specialised quiz section for the students to practice quizzes based on the topics of the book.
  • India Year Book- Published by the Publication Division of the Indian Government, India Year Book is an annual reference book containing compiled and complete information about each and every detail associated with India. It brings in the latest data corresponding to that year. It also covers the most important government schemes and policies important for such competitive exams.

Along with this the Consortium of NLUs have also published various materials on CLAT 2020 which includes model question papers, guides and instruction materials for each subject.