If you’re planning to take CLAT one more time, you first need to self-analyze and introspect certain things. You need to assess your preparation honestly and the scores obtained in the previous exam. Do you think you could have performed better if you had prepared better? Or is it that you gave your best shot? If you’re willing to sacrifice a year and go for your dream NLU and the answer to the first question is yes, then you can definitely go for it and prepare once again. There’s no point in going through the same process again and increasing the marks marginally. 

Quickly analyze your previous CLAT attempt and figure out your strengths and consolidate. Competitive exams are all about playing with your strengths. So, if you see the scope of improving your strengths, and you can work harder this time, take the challenge and go for it. 

There are three types of student who opt for retaking CLAT-

Students who are 100% sure that Law is their thing – Dropping a year is a big thing, and you should not think of it unless you are sure that you want to pursue law as a career. You can only be committed to your goals when you know that there are no multiple options available. 

Students who aim for the top NLUs – Students who did extremely well in the CLAT exam might have secured their seats in the top NLUs, and others might have got selected in the private colleges but still wish to get admission in the high ranking NLU. 

There are students who have clearly missed the planning slot and wants to start refresh – These are the students who prepare with their board exams, and they have to devote all of their time to the boards and cannot prepare a plan/strategy to prepare for the CLAT exam. 

Basically, if you’re dropping a year, it is not much that you are missing out on. Simply, if you are planning to go for graduation after 12th, you’ll pursue a 3-year law course after graduation, which means 3 years of graduation and 3 years of law course (3+3=6) years. If you are dropping a year after 12th, it is (1year + 5year) integrated course which again totals to 6 years. Take it positively and think that if your friends are off to college, you’re sitting back to prepare to get into your dream college; it is not the time you are wasting or sitting idle.


Planning is very crucial, and you need to make a daily routine as per your convenience. It is not necessary that you are solely focusing on the number of hours; rather, it could be based on the topics/subjects that you want to revise or improve. Try to revise all the topics covered in the week on weekends, especially the general knowledge section and current affairs. Also, take the mock tests on weekends.

Read Newspapers 

It is possible that you have missed the habit of reading newspapers earlier, due to boards pressure. But now you don’t have any excuse, and you have plenty of time to read the newspaper. You must have a time slot for reading the newspaper every day in your schedule. This is considered to be the most effective way of developing the reading habit. Doing similar things every day can develop reflexes and your inner gut automatically signals that you missed out on something. This habit is necessary for your future as a Lawyer should always be updated with everything happening around the world.

Analyze Your CLAT Score

You are very well aware of your previous CLAT score, and that could be the most important thing to keep you motivated. Scrutinize what went wrong in the exam; what are your weak areas, where you need to put more focus and how to improve your weaker sections. Unless you don’t know what went wrong, you cannot clear the exam. You can devote less time to stronger areas but cannot completely skip it. 

Mocks and Feedbacks 

Being a Retaker, you have a clear idea about the exam syllabus, pattern, and the process of how the exams are conducted. But, as a CLAT aspirant, you should be ready to face the surprises CLAT throws on the D-day. And you should be very much prepared for the same. Take mock tests regularly after working on your weaker sections; give all your time to mock tests and analyzing them. You can take our Clat 2021 Mock Test series and prepare for your exam. 

Preparing for CLAT in a drop year might seem challenging and under pressure. But, it is for your better future and getting admission to a top NLU is a major step in establishing your career. Always keep a positive attitude, and you will be able to crack it easily. 

All the Best