“jab koi raja apne kartawya palan mein asmarth hota hain, tab esa hota hain – AKAAL MRITYU hoti hain, paap bdhta hain aur har taraf awyawastha failti hai.” – QUOTE OF RAMAYANA.

India is suffering the world’s worst outbreak of covid-19 cases with death hitting big records and now in the second wave of the novel coronavirus, the daily cases rise above 3,50,000 ( according to the government records.
India’s overwhelming surge of coronavirus infection has shown triumph over the last year’s first wave which directly implies a “lack of leadership.” Today when India look up to those in authority to provide the necessary leadership, unfortunately, it is not evident from the current situation. In the meantime the facts and statistics showing the rise in cases as well as the death toll, criticism between the centre and state has also intensified. With these kinds of problematic issues, it will be difficult to believe that we function under a Federal Constitution. It’s the Indian COVID Crisis.
This situation is a direct result of the low public health expenditure. The centre being the key player in public health management because the main body with technical expertise is under central control. The state lack in such corresponding bodies such as the National Centre for Disease Control and the Indian Council of Medical Research. The inter-state variation in the health expenditure highlights the need for a coordinated national plan at the centre to fight the pandemic.
Given the terrifying low levels of public health provision, India has among the highest out of pocket (OOP) expenditure which means people spend their own money at the time they receive health care. World Health Organisation estimates that 62% of the total health expenditure in India is OOP, among the highest in the world.
The second wave was inevitable, but our nation could have postponed and lessened its impact. Another, it shouldn’t have declared the victory at and end of the first wave as it affects the people at large as they let their guards down thinking that their lives have become normal. The second wave was fuelled by people letting their guards down, attending weddings and social gatherings, and on the other side, the government allowed political rallies and religious gatherings. The Indian covid crisis isn’t going that good.
In mid-February, Brahman Mukherjee tweeted that ” India need to accelerate the vaccine drive when
case counts are low”, nobody quite noticed.

Aryan Anjana
Foundation Batch,