8 ways to Memorise Math Formulas in Easy Way

For aspirants looking toward a flourishing career in law, the CLAT exam is significant. Clearing CLAT will get you admission to the top law institutes in the country. However, to get good scores in CLAT, you must have a good grip over the Maths section, which is an important part of the exam. 

Most students find the Maths section challenging, and they especially find it difficult to remember the various formulas that are an essential part of this section. So, to assist you in your preparation, we are listing some tried and tested ways to memorize such important math formulas easily.

But first, let us look at the type of Math questions you are likely to face in the exam.

What to expect in the Maths section in the CLAT exam

  • Your knowledge of elementary mathematics will be tested that is based on the 10th and 12th standards.
  • The elementary Maths Syllabus comprises Arithmetics, Mensuration, Modern Mathematics, Commercial Mathematics, and Data Interpretation.
  • You will be given passages, graphs, or other diagrammatic representations of numerical information, and based on them will be a set of questions to answer.
  • The questions may be related to time and speed, discount, algebra, or other topics. You will also be asked data-interpretation-based questions.  

Now, let us give a detailed look at the tips to remember math formulas.

Eight Effective Ways To Memorize Maths Formulas 

  1. Attach a visual to the Maths Formulas

Studies point out that our mind finds it easy to remember those things that we have connected with visuals. So, the same is the case with formulas too. The best way to recall Maths formulas is to assign a visual to each formula. This method has been tried successfully by those appearing for competitive exams and is sure to work for you.

  1. Understand the Reasons Behind a Formula

To make sense of a formula, you need to first get a grasp of the process behind it. Once you know the proper reason behind the formula, you will understand it better. Moreover, it will help you memorize and recall the formula whenever you need to apply it.

  1. Develop your interest in the Mathematical concepts

You will find the Maths section tough to grasp if you lack interest in the concepts. Our mind recalls those things easily in which we have an in-depth interest. So, if you want to memorize the important Maths formulas, you first need to build your interest in the concepts you are studying. 

  1. Note Down the Formulas

The trick to remembering things easily is to write them down repeatedly. This applies to Mathematical formulas too. This is one of the top tips to remember math formulas easily. So, the next time you practice Maths, write down the formulas you come across.

  1. Practice using the formulas

There is no substitute for practice. You will get well-versed in the Mathematical concepts only by applying the formulas repeatedly to solve problems. When you use the formulas repeatedly, the concepts behind the formulas will become more clear to your mind.

  1. Try sticking the formulas on your wall

Another trick to memorizing tough formulas is to write them down and stick them where you can see them often. The best place for this is your wall since the formulas you stick there will attract your attention. When you keep seeing the formulas on your wall, you will be able to memorize them easily.

  1. Be focused while learning formulas

Another way how to remember formulas is to ensure you are not distracted while learning them. Try to remove all distractions when studying Maths. Switch off the television and your mobile, and focus all your attention on the problems you are solving.

  1. Revise all formulas at bedtime

Studies show that our brain recalls the things that we learn at the time of going to sleep. This trick will work well for Mathematical formulas as well. So, go through the various formulas you learned during the day at bedtime. You will find that you can recall the formulas easily the next morning. 

These tips to remember math formulas will surely work for you as they have been tested with success by several students before. 

Some Additional Tips for the CLAT Maths Syllabus

  • Practice solving the questions in this section in the minimum time possible.
  • It is crucial not to spend more than 15 minutes in this section, as you need to complete the other sections as well.
  • Practice solving the mock test papers to determine the time taken to solve the problems in the mathematical section. 
  • Memorizing the tables, cubes, and squares will help you immensely.

Armed with these useful hacks to remember important math formulas and other tips, you can score well in the Math section of your CLAT exam. Also, do not forget to go through the previous years’ test papers and solve mock tests frequently.